White Champa Traderoutes is proud to be working with Filipino artisans in creating an exclusive line of ‘organic jewelry’.

The organic jewelry is made of by-products from the food and farm trade: horn from the Philippine carabao, cow bones, shells, scrap wood and seeds.

No animals are harmed for the purpose of making the jewelry, and needless to say, no materials are on the CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species) list.

Instead of throwing these natural materials away, skilled artisans salvage, recycle and transform them into jewelry.

Each element of a necklace, each bracelet and ring is meticulously hand-crafted. The natural sheen and warmth of the organic material gives each piece a special feel – something that feel simply cannot be replicated in industrially or massed produced jewelry.

We are proud to say that White Champa Traderoutes jewelry helps local artisans in the Manila suburb of Bulacan earn a decent wage, while at the same time, helps White Champa Traderoutes be kind to Mother Earth.

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