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White Champa is not an ordinary Indian company. Craftsmen came from family of generations of tailors.


At the heart of every White Champa garment are details that have been expertly created by our master craftsmen who follow these ancient traditions.


From Fibre to Fabric Abaca cloth is a fabric woven by villagers in remote areas of the southern island Mindanao of the Philippines. The men of the village strip the fibres from the inside of wild b...

Organic Jewellery

White Champa Traderoutes is proud to be working with Filipino artisans in creating an exclusive line of ‘organic jewelry’. The organic jewelry is made of by-products from the food and farm trade: ...


Hanuno Mangyan Embroidery and Basketry In April 2015, White Champa Traderoutes travelled to the island of Mindoro, Philippines. Since antiquity the island Mindoro has been at the crossroutes of act...


Binakol weaving is the ‘Op Art’ of the Philippines The patterns of binakol cloths are ancient, and are dizzying on purpose. Traditionally, the Itneg tribe from Northern Luzon (Philippines) made bl...

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