For Spring/Summer 2014 White Champa has travelled extensively and taken inspiration from the journeys along the Asian traderoutes. The fluidity of the fabrics, the embellishments with shell sequins, stem from the new finds that you discover as you travel.

And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair

– Khalil Gibran

The drapes all speak of summer, lightness, airiness coming together with ease. The collection was designed in two moods:

One is built around the cooling yet sumptuous neutral shades of nude, eggshell, brilliant white and lustrous black. Monochrome and also geometric ikats which remind us of bold artistic brushstrokes.

The second mood celebrates the vibrance of summer with colours: sunflower yellow, tangerine, fuchsia, electric blue. Airiness, the play of light on translucent fabrics make these pieces seem weightless.

Influenced by the confluence of cultures. Different winds bring us together - we get inspired, we change and change perspective, continuously.

The White Champa woman is curious, active, loves to travel and wants her wardrobe to reflect her approach to life. The collection balances comfort with considered detailing and is artisanal and conceptual at the same time.

The handcrafted collection is distinguished by the synthesis of precise, European fit with traditional Indian textiles such as cotton muslins, voiles, chanderi and crisp linens. Exquisite hand embroidery creates a sense of uniqueness and rarity. White Champa is a response to the present which is stylish and refined. Designed to be versatile for both day and evening, White Champa is contemporary Indian luxury.

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