Thoroughness and spirit. A wearable painting - a piece of art for life

Hayate is the result of a creative conversation between art and textile craft which seeks to apply the strength of artistic expression to luxurious accessories. The current design collaboration of Anjana Das and Claudia Spielmann is focusing on shawls and embroidered cushions. The pieces are limited editions, ranging from 30 pieces per design to completely unique masterpieces. Individuality and beauty for the cosmopolitan woman.

Hayate pieces are made using only the most precious materials, handspun cashmere, wool/silk blends are woven, digitally printed, hand-painted or hand-embroidered in one of the best manufactures in New Delhi. The fabrication of one shawl can take up to six weeks with the weaving, dying and painting or embroidery. The design and the making of the piece are integral parts of one process.

For us it is quintessential that the collaboration with the artisans and producers is happening on fair terms for all who are involved. The Indian artisans are treated with utmost respect.

Thoroughness and Spirit – this is how a global wearable piece of art is made. It is modern, but not fleetingly trendy and seasonal. A wearable painting, a piece of art for life.

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